MedQuest Radiology Management Services
Service Line Performance Consulting
MedQuest offers consulting services designed to highlight opportunities within your outpatient or entire radiology service line. Many of our relationships begin with opportunity assessments to target and measure the impact we can make with our participation and programs. Areas we can focus on include:
Network development, facility and market share strength, competitive analysis
Operational performance, efficiency, “order funnel”, KPIs
Referring physician perceptions of current services offered
Systems and RIS opportunities and status

Improved workflow, productivity and patient throughput based on a real-time schedule

MedQuest helps clients manage imaging schedules with processes that improve workflow and throughput. In addition, MedQuest's proprietary scheduling tool incorporates functionality that leads to more appointments and better follow-up.
Data captured at scheduling and incorporated in all downstream systems
Scheduling grid highlighting volume and same-day opportunities
Management of patient cancellations and no-shows to ensure follow up and patient return
Transforming the Order Tunnel

Best practices for staffing and expense management

To ensure that all staff members are working to the top of their certification levels, MedQuest draws on staffing best practices and benchmarks from over 80 free-standing and hospital radiology department locations to maximize productivity and minimize downtime while ensuring top quality patient care.

MedQuest focuses on actively managing a real-time schedule - an empty time slot is a lost appointment that cannot be regained and recaptured. No-shows and cancellations are critical. We aggressively manage the “order funnel” from order to scheduled appointment to completed, reimbursed study in order to maximize revenue, productivity and patient and physician satisfaction

Powerful enabling systems that support and integrate with existing IT systems

Clients can use all or any combination of MedQuest’s proprietary software systems, which include:
Integrated end-to-end systems that enhance revenue retention and optimize workflow efficiency
Modular structure to allow selective implementation that complements your existing systems
Proprietary software that leads the industry for effectiveness and ease of use

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