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Provider referral patterns can be directly influenced through strategic, data-enabled solution sales and support. MedQuest complements existing hospital marketing investments that are targeted to consumers, the community and physicians. MedQuest focuses on “business-to-business” marketing directly to referral physicians to understand their needs and patterns. Our “B2B” approach incorporates multiple data sources, professional management, training, staffing, reporting and tools to develop a cyclic flow of information both to the referral base and to the operations team to ensure we are meeting and exceeding expectations.

MedQuest can demonstrate how our B2B referral program is perhaps the most valuable investment that can be made, obtaining the highest return on investment for your imaging program.

Sales training, physician-based selling and targeted marketing for clinical specialties

MedQuest has developed a proven physician-based selling approach that it employs to train your onsite marketing staff. Online, interactive clinical specialty materials and testing help to ensure proficiency and are complemented by hands-on training by experienced imaging marketing executives.

Comprehensive sales and marketing plan with tools for forecasting and measurement

Total potential physician referral base
Total and most active referring physicians and referral volume trends
Scan counts by referring physician measured against forecasts
Sales call activity and scan volume

Proprietary CRM system to supply critical referral data and sales activity tracking

MedQuest's CRM system, one of the most advanced healthcare provider sales and marketing systems used in the market today, is easily integrated with existing systems, providing key capabilities, such as the following:
Detailed call notes on every visit
Dynamic call routing based on trends and opportunity
Real-time goal tracking and measurement
iPhone app for dynamic access and recording capability
Development of collateral materials to support marketing strategy and future growth

Development of collateral materials to support marketing strategy and future growth

MedQuest has a diverse collateral library that can be customized to support your facility’s sales initiatives and opportunities.

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