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Outpatient Imaging Management / JV
Leading hospitals and IDNs have recognized the advantages of partnering with specialists in a range of categories, including laboratory, surgery, facilities management and staffing. Now is the time to leverage radiology as a strategic service line instead of a collection of parts, and partnering with MedQuest, a company that is 100% dedicated to radiology, is the best path to sustained success.

MedQuest seeks to be the operating partner/manager for your multi-site outpatient imaging platform. We can help establish the strategy, execute key acquisitions or start-ups, and run the business for long- term success as a true joint venture partner. We have highly flexible models of participation, and our chief goal is to ensure success as your turnkey management company.

Strategic Development Services

For many organizations with radiology operations, capital expenditures on imaging equipment and facilities are an infrequent but high-stakes proposition. That’s why they turn to MedQuest to assist in overall strategic planning, scope development, feasibility analysis, project management and purchasing. For example, MedQuest recently helped a client save $500,000 on construction and equipment for a single MRI purchase.

MedQuest has the multidisciplinary expertise to assist you at every stage of building successful imaging facilities and developing a strong, integrated imaging network.

Our background in for-profit, pure outpatient imaging allows us to support our partners by making sure the return on each project is maximized. Buying the right equipment at the best price, building efficiently, staffing expertly and delivering on the necessary throughput and volume are all critical in making outpatient imaging a success in today’s healthcare marketplace.

MedQuest's strategic, end-to-end development services include:
Due diligence, consulting and implementation on radiology capital projects
Market and financial analysis
Equipment purchase
Facility construction
Transaction and integration support
Legal and regulatory support, including CON processes
Accreditation, credentialing, enrollment and managed care contracting
Information systems implementation and interface development

Network Management Services

Analysis and strategic designation of hospital HOPDs and IDTFs
Bracketing of each relevant market niche
Price-sensitive, value-based market
Price inelastic patients and referral physicians
Experience with marketing both center types in the same market with different branding
IDTF to HOPD / HOPD to IDTF conversions
Optimal distribution of assets
Geographic coverage
Access to meet varying patient needs (price, location, etc.)
Response to competition
Distribution of high-end and market-standard equipment
Mix of services to support affiliated physician groups and/or other hospital services (i.e., freestanding Emergency Department, urgent/convenience care, etc.)
Mobile equipment deployment
Fractional capacity
Testing and expansion into new markets
Interim deployment when fixed equipment is replaced

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