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A wide range of hospitals, health systems and outpatient imaging centers rely on MedQuest.

Our clients trust us to deliver on mission-critical objectives in radiology and even settings like ambulatory surgery and cancer care.

MedQuest is one of the country’s leading radiology management and consulting companies, owning and operating or managing:
Network of nearly 50 freestanding outpatient imaging centers
15 acute care hospital radiology departments under management
A fleet of 16 mobile MRI units, 8 mobile mammography units and 4 mobile ultrasound units

Our clients include hospitals, health systems and outpatient imaging centers. Learn more about our services for each type of client below:


MedQuest’s outstanding record of success and operational excellence has led its clients to entrust the company with management and operational responsibility for service areas and care delivery both within and outside of radiology.

Radiology settings and services

Acute care hospitals – management of hospital radiology departments
Freestanding HOPD centers – management of high volume imaging center networks
IDTFs – management of hospital-owned and independent IDTFs
Physician offices – turnkey development and management of diagnostic imaging operations for physician practices
Billing/back office – billing, coding and collections responsibility for IDTFs, HOPD imaging centers and third party radiology groups
Mobile services – management, staffing and deployment of mobile MRI, PET/CT, ultrasound and mammography assets

Other settings and services

Operational and service responsibility for multiple ASCs, including billing, coding and collections, financial and accounting support and IT
Operational management of a freestanding, hospital-owned cancer center
Marketing and process improvement for hospital-owned ancillary services (sleep lab, occupational health)
Development and management of a full-service, centralized concierge scheduling service for a large hospital-owned medical group

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