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Outpatient Imaging Centers
Outpatient Imaging Facilities
Many imaging centers and facilities are seeking the assistance of an experienced partner with proven success in operating, growing and supporting outpatient radiology centers. MedQuest not only understands the outpatient environment, but we know how to thrive in it, with experience across the imaging delivery spectrum.

In fact, we have significantly increased the profitability of our centers in recent years as the imaging environment has become more difficult.
As independent outpatient imaging centers seek their place in the new healthcare ecosystem, they are finding that they must more aggressively compete for referrals and scan volume. Although imaging centers have traditionally been a profitable investment, changes in the healthcare marketplace are eroding revenue and profitability.

It is imperative that imaging center owners fully optimize their resources and capitalize on opportunities to capture volume in the face of these environmental changes, which include:
Continued reimbursement pressure
Shifts in referral patterns from hospital-physician affiliations
Stringent authorization hurdles
Hospital and health system EHR and network IT hurdles
Increasingly price-sensitive patients

MedQuest Outpatient Imaging Operations

MedQuest is a highly experienced and successful outpatient imaging operator. Currently, MedQuest:
Owns/manages a network of nearly 50 outpatient imaging centers
Operates a fleet of 16 mobile MRI units
Operates eight mobile mammography and four mobile ultrasound units

Comprehensive Radiology Management Services

MedQuest provides comprehensive, multifaceted radiology management services that are customized based upon each facility's specific needs and requirements. The company is committed to partnering with radiology facilities to develop and implement strategies, and measure performance that enhances efficiencies and strengthens revenue and profitability.

MedQuest has a proven track record of growing and improving outpatient imaging facilities, significantly increasing profitability and radiologists' professional reading income. MedQuest can help enhance your:
Operations with process improvement and support services such as scheduling, billing and IT system optimization, as well as daily metrics tracking
Purchasing and servicing of equipment to ensure profitability by obtaining the right equipment at the best price, and contracting for the right level of service at the lowest cost
Revenue by improving revenue capture, as well as adding strategic marketing and referral management should you choose to serve a broader patient base
Quality, safety and patient experience through best-in-class quality standards and physician peer review
MedQuest’s proven processes, workflows and best practices have been developed based on decades of experience. The company’s turnkey services include:

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